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Global Award Winners – 2018

Lampou Greece
Ourania Lampou - Greece

She teaches French as a Foreign Language and flexible zoneand she is also an ICT Teacher Trainer. She is the Co-Founder and International Coordinator of the worldwide STEM project “Innovate your dreams”. Her project will teach 3 out of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) described in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This project has a far-reaching impact since educationists from over 60 countries have been nominated as coordinators representing their country and over 100.000 students and over 2000 teachers and schools have so far registered. The project is starting to become a global educational movement uniting children and adults from all over the world. Furthermore, she acted as a flexible zone teacher of the 4thPrimary School of Artemida, (Greece) in the program ′′Playing with Protons′′, a science education program organized by the CMS experiment,one of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. For her projects she was awarded with many national and international awards and prizes. Due to financial crisis she spent 2500 euros for her project to give her children the best learning opportunity & experiences. Beside physics, she is also inculcating the 21st centuries ICT skills in her students. Her work has been published in various electronic media, print media and online.

Memoza Macedonia
Memoza Izairi - Macedonia

Mimoza Izairi is a professor at the “7 Marsi’’ high school in Tetovo. Professor Mimoza, along with her students, has done a lot of home-based experiments trying to put theories of physical phenomena into a practical aspect. She emphasizes the student’s centric approach during teaching –learning process. Together with the students they have done different types of experiments that clarify physical occurrences such as motion, magnetic field, and electricity by introducing simple electric circuits, modifications, the way how a neighbourhood is supplied with electrical energy, and a lot of other experiments that require a lot of work. She was rewarded for his great experimental work in Bitola -”Bitola Mini Maker Fair”. She continued with her work, and later on took part in fairs from outside Macedonia, in the city of Vushtria in the fair of ”Knowledge and Science” where there were participants with their work from cities of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. There too her works were praised highly, and the public stood amazed by her work. As far as the practical aspect is concerned, she managed to take her students to places where the electric power source comes, such as hydroelectric power plants, power plants in different places of Macedonia, where they could see all the process of electricity generation. Her experiment based study encouraged her students to participate in physical competitions held by the DFRM (Association of physicists of the Republic of Macedonia), where they got first places with certificates. As per her individual data, she has participated in various seminars with different topics, for the creation of her career and work, where we will mention some as: USAID -Youth educational forum participation in the club “Mладите практикуваат владеење на право”( Certificate ). USAID -Youth educational forum participation in the club “Обуки за младински активизам”(Certificate ), Basic training to strengthen the capacities for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence, Tetovo 20-22 ,December 2018 (Certificate), Capacity building training from RYCO, Currently Mimoza is in charge of organizing work to form a fair in Tetovo.

Bret USA
Brett Bigham USA

Brett Bigham is the 2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year and the recipient of a 2015 NEA National Award for Excellence in Education. He is the first Oregon Special Education Teacher to be named with these honours. As a 2015 NEA Global Fellow Brett travelled to Peru to meet with Peruvian teachers, students and dignitaries. He has visited schools in more than 20 countries and is proud to be a voice both here and abroad for people with disabilities. He has created Ability Guidebooks for people with autism or who are near-diverse. In 2015 Brett was honoured with the NEA LGBT National Teacher Role Model Award and he is proud to advocate for LGBT teachers and youth. In July Brett will be presenting at the NNSTOY conference in Chicago and at the Save Our Schools Rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall and Conference at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He has acted as Chairman and Board of Directors of several educational leadership programmes. He has written three books. Wrote several keynotes in conferences. Invited as guest lecturer in various universities and published many national & international research work to his credit.

Shkendije Kosovo
Shkendije Nagavci - KOSOVO

Shkendije Nagavci, is a teacher in the school with the largest number of pupils in Kosovo. She has 29years of work experience in various fields. She is a Trainer of Critical Thinking and have lectured in many trainings programmes for students and teachers under the  Ministry of Education of Kosovo in different schools throughout the country. Her main emphasize is how to develop critical thinking in the children. She has got many national and international awards to her credit. Authored books for students. She won the prestigious national”Shaban Jashari” prize & Teacher of the Year award for her outstanding contributions in educations She is apart of the network of innovative teachers working in Europe and the world. Her project “Fractions Everywhere“, won the first place Kosovo. Also participated in the Global Forum in Prague. Her students won1stplacesinthe national level Kosovo Contest program in cooperation with KEC. Furthermore her pupils created the short film “Do not abuse animals”, which was nominated for the first place in the Junior Oscar festival organized by Kosovo by USAID in 2016.

Raihana - Bangladesh
Raihana Haque - Bangladesh

She is a highly motivated English teacher and trainer in her Upazila from 2003 to till date. By tele-conferencing, she has exchanged the educational programmes and delivered online guest lecture across the nation and abroad. She has designed eBook for Ministry of Education. In Bangladesh teacher’s portal she is an ICT4 ambassador. She participated and coordinated in British Councils’ online schools forum. Her schools have received British Councils ISA Award for 2017 to 2019 by her efforts. She is also aMIE expert from 2017 to 2019,Skype master teacher and Minecraft Mentor. In addition to this she is also a host of central Tweet Meet MSTeduchat. She is working on a lot of international projects like Climate action, Link to the world, Obesity, Girls never look back, World literacy, World peace song, Innovation projects etc. Moreover, she has been selected the National Geography Certified Teacher in 2018. She has been selected Teach SDGs Ambassadors in 2019.Being expert of braille language, she is also teaching visually impaired students. Being a good teacher, she had visited Japan under the “Japan International Cooperation Agency” (JICA).Being best divisional teacher, Bangladesh Government sent her to Thailand. As a MIE expert this year she has joined E2 in Singapore and is the winner of lesson Algorithmic thinking. She was National Geography Certified Teacher in 2018. Many of her students got admission in the various university, medical colleges, engineering colleges.


Nam - Vietnam
Nam Thanh - Vietnam

He is a primary school teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He have authored multiple articles and been nationally and internationally recognized for the implementation of creativity and the integration of technology into my teaching. He is implementing a global project on child sexual abuse called “Five Safe Fingers”. The project attracted the participation of more than 100 teachers from 38 countries across the globe. His project is also targeting the 16th goal of the UN’s sustainable development goals: Peace, Good health and Well-being.. He is working on the Kindness Everyday project. By using technology, he have deployed projects to 12 000 students in Vietnam and around the world. He has received many awards to his credit like Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Award, the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN Award (2017), selected to attend the 2017 Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (HESA) at the U.S. Space & Rocket Centre (USSRC) in Huntsville, Alabama (2017), Winner of Hack the classroom competition(2016), MIE Expert of the Year (2016), featured by NNSTOY (2017), the Winner of Asia Educator of the year (2017),He represented Vietnam at the Microsoft Global Forum. He is Skype Master Teacher, MIE Master Trainer, MIE Fellow and Microsoft Learning Consultant, the Global Math Ambassador, Lifeliqe ambassador and Class Dojo Ambassador.

Nail Montenegro

Nail Draga from Montenegro. He holds a doctoral dissertation at the University of Tirana in 1999. He authored10 books related to geography. He was the Director of the elementary school “Bedri Elezaga” in Katërolë two times where he involved the students in various projects. .He was a member of the General Education Council (2003-2008), the highest education institution in Montenegro. In 2011, He became the Director of the Cultural Centre in Ulcinj. He has published about 300 articles, studies, reviews and researches in the field of geography in several special publications, magazines and newspapers in the Albanian region and abroad. Draga is one of the founder member of the Association of Artists and Intellectuals “Art Club” in Ulcinj and remained its president in 1995-2002. He is also founder and editor of the Lemba magazinefor science, culture and artsince 1998.Editor of many scientific publications and studies in Ulqin, as well, organizer of different cultural and scientific activities and events. Thus as head of several institution, he started several programmes for the welfare of students and people.

Lamees Egypt
Lamees - EGYPT

She is a teacher of English in a governmental School since 2000 and have participated on Microsoft Conference for MIE-Experts in Canada in March 2017 to exchange experiences between other educators around the world. As the trainer of The Egyptian Knowledge Bank, She has trained students, teachers and leaders from the Ministry of Education on how to use technology in leadership and documentation. She created a Blogger on Google about Teaching With Technology to explain and guide teachers and students any time anywhere in this link : She has written various educational articles in Newspapers in Egypt .Her another renowned innovation in her classroom is ” Together We Can Change The World ” Project and generalizing her Project “The Young Tourist Guide” around the whole Governorate of Qualubeya/ Egypt. Helping children with disabilities is the extra innovative activity performed by her students. She is using Modern technology such as Office 365 applications : OneNote -OneDrive -Sway -Forms -Skype for Business -Outlook -Edmodo -Teams -Stream -Office Online -Minecraft in teaching and analysing that how these benefit the students. As an Ideal Teacher on the Republic of Egypt, The Minister of Education granted her a certificate and Ideal Award in 2010 and in 2017 she was awarded with a certificate, Printer and Innovation Award from the minister of education for An Innovative Teacher on the Republic of Egypt. The Deputy Minister also granted her a certificate for training 300 teachers on Teaching with Technology. She designed Electronic Lessons for the third preparatory English Lessons in the Ministry of Education Website.

Fidel - peru
FIDEL - Peru

Fidel is a professional with a vocation as an educator, with vision of science, technology and innovation. He is the President of Junin Node of the International Movement for Leisure in Science MILSET (Paris headquarters) and Cientec Lima, from 2005 to till date. UNESCO has recognized his work as a researcher, while the Swedish Embassy highlighted its participation in the International Environment Conference in the Scandinavian country. He is also creator of the Science Club “Science to the Stars” (2007). He founded the Science Club for children, youth and professional “science to the Stars” Chupaca –Peru. He created the artificial wetland Pucush Uclo Eye of the world and his this innovative practice and model ranked among 4 best proposals for UNEP in the Environmental World Congress in Sweden and it was highly appreciated by the authorities. He has won more than 20 international awards and recognitions.

Erviola Albania
Erviola Konomi - ALBANIA

The is a mathematical and informatics teacher of 15 years at the high school. She is a local coordinator for the eTwinning educational platform and Scientix, selected by the Ministry of Education in Albania. She modified curriculum for special needs students to promote a positive classroom experience. Design and present comprehensive lesson plans, which incorporate KWL and scaffolding, ensuring that each student is able to retain and understand the materials at hand. Develop unit-based projects that are centred in real-world situations. She trained hundreds of teachers as coordinators, on project-based learning. Represented Crescendo school in Climateurope Festival in Belgrade in October2018. Member of the Teacher Academy supported by the European Commission. Appointed regional coordinator for eTwinning Albania. Participated at the workshop in Paris, France, September 2017, organized by Edu-Arctic in collaboration with the University of Versailles, France. Finalizing the Move2Learn & Learn2Move initiative launched by the European Commission which enabled free travel to Italy and Romania to our pupils as the winner of two Etwinning projects. Participated in several international conferences and published many research papers.

Dentila Albania
Dentila Garipi - Albania

 She is sponsored by our Albania partner after full verification of her work. Dentila Garipi, an ICT teacher with 12 years of teaching experience at Naim Frasheri school, Durres, Albania. She has been part of different project in education, as trainer and ambassador at Scientix, MIE-Expert of Microsoft, New Ambassador of Intel. Actually at the role of NSC of Science of Stage Albania has coordinate project and event on science (astronomy is the last project she is going to coordinate) She like education and time after time she give her contribution as volunteer in different causes of society. She took part on different conferences as trainer, speaker, moderator etc. she gives her contribution as volunteer in different causes of society especially for Roma community on Durres city, Albania

Lusine - Russia

She is first category English teacher in Russia &teaches English as a foreign language in Russian Siberia. She is working as volunteer as Board Member of Kidlink Global Association. She is also NatGeo certified & PanApl School Certified Global Educator. She is NatGeo, PenPal & Kidlink certified educator of Russia and is using various technologies like digital Nat Geo, Pen Pal School lesson, Flipgrid vedio messaging, Kidlink interactive projects etc. As a Board member of the Kidlink Global Association, as well as the founder and coordinator of the Kidlink “Schools Around the World” project. She set a goal to promote a global dialogue among students and teachers from different countries. She helped her students to become digital citizens who use information technology to participate in public and political life. Projects like “Facts, Opinions and Fake News”, “Save the Planet”, “World Migration”, “School Around the World”, etc. helped them to broaden their knowledge and open a look at unfamiliar world, which previously seemed distant and incomprehensible. “Schools around the World” project has already connected a significant number of school children from various countries like Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. She arranged the 1stGlobal Ed online conference in her region with participation of educators from India, Sri Lanka, USA, Taiwan, and Russia. Her educational research has been published at All -Russian Conference and Regional journal for teachers. She has arranged various international students educational & cultural exchange programme with many countries and the educational environment is changing & developing not only her school but also whole Achinsk city. She arranged the first international online Global Education Conference in Krasnoyarsk Region (Achinsk, 2017). Her articles on Global Education are published in local, national and international journals. In 2016 I became the first National Geographic Certified Educator in Russia. In 2018 I became the Global Ambassador of the Pen Pal Schools Organization, which was announced one of the best social-educational practices by Barack Obama. She presented Global Education topics in several International Seminars/Conferences.

Almida Çerçizaj - Albania

Almida Çerçizaj is a great Elementary and English teacher . She is also an ambassador for Scientix and a MIE Expert. She is a teacher’s trainer for Albania and TEACH PITCH instructor for digital skills .In 2015, in three-day international seminar in Athens on the Etwinning platform, she was selected by the Ministry for platform-based work and in 2018, she again bagged second prize for the nation’s best Etwinning celebrations. And become one of 7thnational winners as the MIE worldwide. She is also NCS for Science on Stage in Albania . Almida Cercizaj has participated in workshops and global events about education bringing and implementing innovation in Albanian Education. She has been a moderator in different conferences in Albania . She has been part of different national and international projects.In February 2016,participated inthe Scientix , a project of the European Union(EU)as part of Brussels-based School Net Education and become the first Albanian Ambassador for Scientix.She is also a digital skills instructor for Teach Pitch in London

REID Mark - canada
Mark Reid - Canada

Mark Reid is a leading Canadian educator, combining professional volunteerism, innovative practice, and global collaboration to model a modern approach to teaching. Mr. Reid’s career has included classroom teaching in both public independent schools, curriculum development as an Education Officer at the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and coaching colleagues in educational technology implementation across the province. He has served as President of both the British Columbia Music Educators’ Association and the Canadian Music Educators’ Association. In 2013, Mark was recognized for his leadership in music education and exemplary approach to inclusive instruction and was named the “MusiCounts Teacher of the Year”. Receiving the award from internationally-recognized country music artist, Shania Twain, Mark was honoured by MusiCounts and the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a lifelong commitment to making music classes accessible for all students while simultaneously modelling the importance of volunteerism as a board member or executive of several national and global organizations. He has delivered lectures in the Global Education & Skill Forum. Beyond Canada, his model of humanitarian and philanthropic action by collaborating on projects with colleagues in Belgium, Vietnam, Kenya, and the Philippines. He arranged funds to build a network of libraries in Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines.

Lwanga Deus
Lwanga Deus - Uganda

He is Tutor and Head of Department professional education studies working with the Ministry Education and Sports at Kabukunge Primary Teachers College since 2009. He has been a Tutor/Trainer, training elementary primary student teachers those coming from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda (East Africa) for 10 years and more than 1,500 primary teachers have passed through his hands. In2018. He was the founder of Kabukunge Community Group which registered with the government of Uganda. He worked with Bukalasa Minor seminary for 4 years as a lay associate, teaching and giving career guidance to minor seminarians, and some of catholic priests in Masaka diocese passed through his hands. I have worked at the National level as Uganda National Examination Board. In 2018, he has received a certificate of appreciation from Minister of Education and Sports. He trained female primary students and teachers to learn on how to make reusable menstrual pads and they in turn disseminate their knowledge to the upper primary students in rural primary schools. He worked with international Medical Research Council for 2 years as Field Counsellor on Discordant couples for 2 years in 15 districts in Uganda and registered 1,500 discordant couples in 5 years.

Bolohan - Romania

Qoute : “Have courage to dream long term and get higher ansif you want to Quit, wait a few more seconds. You can !”Born in creche and grown up in an orphanage in Romania during communist period and having bitter life experience. He always thinks that he can do something for orphans. When he was merely 15 years old he joined as volunteer in a Child Protection NGO. The phenomenon of school dropout & street children is very common in Romania and Suceava country due to explosive poverty. So, he set up foundation of an association for helping orphans & poor children. This has enrolled 400 children in schools in Suceava country. With the help of his projects “Road to Quiet Holiday” and “Mentors for Needy Children” were set up to deal with the children dropout rate and issue of student’s suicidal case in his country due to illiteracy and poverty and provide them non formal education. By his project “Mentors for Orphaned Children in Foster Care Centres” and “I the Civitan” program, he helped another 200 children to get education. Later on he helped 2000 students to get enrolled in schools from families with zero income. Since last 27 years with the help of more than 5 NGO and he has raised the fund of 25000 Pound for this work. And changed the life of hundreds of children. Every year another 200 children & orphans are benefited by his program “Education for Future” project. He coordinated several projects for orphans promoting the principles of the UN Convention on the rights of child Apart from this he has also published 20 specialized articles & analysis study at national and international level. For his work & efforts, he has received several awards & recognitions globally.

Georgina Dimova
Georgina Dimova - Macedonia

She is teaching computer science since last 17 years. She is twinning ambassador, scientix ambassador, TechSDGs ambassador, Edmodo ambassador and British Council trainer, MIE Expert. She participated in Academy for Central European Schools as coordinator for 4 years. Her project “Small actions make big changes” was chosen as best project for the students with special needs. Her students interacted with experts, authors, engineers of other countries like Sweden, France, Kenya, and Canada. She on sustainable development project with Kenya and with her students made solar lamp and will sent to Kenya to cope with their electricity problems. For last five years she is working on Scientix network in Brussels and is ambassador for it. She represented her country in Belgrade with his project “Running a parking lot by a microbit”. She has trained more than 500 teachers and 200 people in basic software skills and coding as a trainer. She is co-founder of Centre for Innovations and digital Education DIG-ED organization to improve digital competencies for students and teachers. She has presented various articles and lessons related to IT education in various conferences.

Georgina Dimova
The Coexist Initiative - Kenya

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Georgina Dimova
Envision Global Care Foundation - Nigeria ( West Africa)

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Georgina Dimova
Slum2School - Nigeria (West Africa)

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