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Global Award Winners – 2015

Amal Aboumouslim - morocco
Kathy Katerina – Colombia

Katerine Franco Cardenas is a technology teacher working in elementary school : Institucion Educativa Jose Asuncion Silva in Medellin in Colombia.
Her most well-known internal work is project: “Friends without Borders- A Learning adventure with ICT” and she is the coordinator of this project. In this project, her focus is on team work to generate interaction, communication, mutual respect and shared knowledge building. Lessons include the creation of audio stories, digital stories, digital cartoons, digital newspapers, letter writing, an online TV channel, spontaneous writing, culture, languages, places, improving reading, writing, mutual respect, respect for intercultural issues, etc. through technology. Also technologically mediated cultural exchanges – connecting her students with classes in Chile, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Mexico and Ecuador.
Katerine has trained her colleagues on integrating technology into the classroom and enabling students to develop 21st century skills. Attendance has improved, and literacy and communication skills have developed considerably compared to students not taking part in her projects. About 450 students have been participating and benefited from primary since 2012

global award - 2015
Corina Sujdea – Romania

Corina Sujdea is working in secondary school – Mihail Sadoveanu in Husi, Romania, Europe.She is a member of CEWDO (Community Enterprise & Women Development Organization) and is actively contributing to it. She has attended several training, seminars, context professional, voluntarily and extra curriculum activities. She is working for the various educational schemes / activities in collaboration with NGO VATRA STRAMOSEASCA.
On the occasion of worldwide event “Plant A Tree For Peace” she connected her students with India, Pakistan and other Asian countries from Europe. She is working with number of international projects on education in European Countries and Turkey. She is working in collaboration with many partners from India and Pakistan for various ISA activities and has many online sessions with them.
She was appointed as head of the Commission of the methods of her school and also coordinating and organizing a national wide math contest. She has many publications to her credit for students and auxiliary and has written two books and several papers.In her classroom, she is using graphic design applications. She has conducted many education activities in international projects.Her achievements have been published by various reputed websites and blogs in Europe. Her aim is not only to educate her students but also prepare them for life.

Alena Maskaeva - Russia
David W Deeds – China

David W. Deeds is working as Technology Integrator/Teacher in Yew Wah International Education School of Yantai, China. He is pioneer in game – based learning, 3D virtual worlds in classroom. Many article has been published in international publications. He is Google Certified Teacher. He participated in several international conferences and presently his innovative ideas. He designed, developed and delivered IB-style K-12 technology. He trained Malaysian teachers for IB professional development. He has teaching experience in many countries like USA, South Korea, China and Mexico.
He served on 2013-15, New Media Consortium (NMC) K – 12 Horizon Report Advisory Board to produce K-12 Horizon Report. He facilitated Connect with China Collaborative, a Flat Connections Project. He was in the panellist for Open Simulator Community Conference – 2014. Higher ed titles: Technology Specialist, International Business Department and Computer Science Professor, Teacher/CALL Manager, Website Manager.He has 15 years corporate computer experience and contributing to virtual educational journal regularly.

global award - 2015
Champa Rathnayake – Sri Lanka

Champa Rathnayake an IT instructor in Provincial Information and Communication Education Centre (PICTEC) in Sri Lanka. She started her profession as an English Language teacher 28 years ago. She represented the Sri Lankan Teachers team for participating the Oracle Education Foundation- Project Learning Institute 2011 held at Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia. She participated in the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Global Forum 2014 at Barcelona, Spain representing Sri Lanka. She is a facilitator and resource person in the education zonal, provincial and national level since 2010.
She introduced IT for the school education system and established computers and Computer labs facing various odds. Students and staff were encouraged and engaged in many IT integrated learning –teaching activities with her guidance. Her Innovative efforts brought a lot of merits, recognitions and awards to the school at national and international level. National School Software Competition conducted by MOE with FITIS and SLCS, paved the way for her enthusiastic programming students to reach the top in three years. They became Merit Awardees and All island winners under two categories -Online Coding completion and Young Computer Scientist competition.
One student represented Sri Lankan student team at APICTA ceremony and completion respectively 2013, 2014 and 2015. Education Centre –Central Province many other teams were engaged in Project Based Learning activities (PBL). Oracle ThinkQuest was the most popular online educational platform among the students, teachers, parents and other schools in the area.

Namya Joshi - India
Maarit Rossi – Finland

Maarit Rossi is a math teacher in comprehensive school and an entrepreneur in Finland. Her passion is to teach math and develop math education so that it is engaging meaningful and even fun for all children. She has been declared as one of the TOP50 Finalists in Global Teacher Price 2016. She has also got Recognition Award from the LUMA (STEM) Centre of Finland because of promotion and development of Math teaching 2016. She was concerned that many students would rather do almost anything than learn maths.
She believed that the problem was entirely due to the way mathematics is commonly taught. She has realized that math teaching has not changed during the last 100 years after doing analysis of math lessons around the globe. So he has developed his own innovative methodoly of teaching math by asking students to collaborate in groups and solve real-life problems.
Her school has got high points in PISA research during the years. When Finland has been first in many PISA studies. Her school has been above average inside Finland. The biggest beneficiaries are the students. She has co-authored nine mathematics textbooks and several books about maths education. She was involved in shaping the 2004 national curriculum and created modern teaching materials for STEM subjects on behalf of the Economic Information Bureau. In order to share her approach even further, she developed her ‘Paths to Math’ e-learning programme. She has been featured in the Huffington Post and on Finnish and Korean TV.

global award - 2015
Vanesri Kasi – Malaysia

Vanesri Kasi presently working as remedial education teacher from 1st to 6th standard in at government school SJKT Jalan Khalidi Muar School in Johor, in Malaysia.She is working with slow learner kids and has cured 16 students within 8 month by sends back them to mainstream classes. She is the main coach for remedial and action research at district level and several other remedial teachers are following her model of teaching. She has used other project-based work to engage students in discussions of global citizenship issues. For example, she has invited NGOs into her class to talk about nuclear weapons, and she has done a Go Green project to teach about climate change and recycling.
Vanersi has won several prizes including a Best Innovation Award at national level, Sports Education Award in Thailand, Global Teacher Prize Finalist. She presented paper in SEAMEO Special Education Conference in Vietnam.

Lidija - Serbia
Hassan Fakhoury - Lebanon (Student)

Hassan Fakhoury is the grade 11th vocational training department student in Al Hanan School, in city Tyre in Lebanon country. He is suffering from the Down syndrome (genetic disorder associated with chromosome 21 since childhood.
He is highly considered to be a typical role model of students with special needs who could really make a difference in their live and in the lives of those around them. It all started when a special educator Essa Al-Moussawy at Hanan School who was an expert in photography – discovered Hassan’s love to photography. Hassan continuously used to ask his teacher to let him give a try in shooting photo. After that his teacher gave him proper training for photography.
When his parents brought him a private professional camera, he became an inspiration for other students in the school to join photography class. He used to capture kids with Down syndrome while playing around.He became the representative of the school in photography in indoor and outdoor activities during social integration programs with other schools in the district. His photographs were adopted and presented on famous social media website and became well known locally and globally. By his stunning hard work, his photos will be proudly used this year in photo therapy session for kids with Down syndrome.
Hassan become the brilliant Down Syndrome guy who could develop his skills and become a distinguished student and acquired a new profession that will help him to be a fruitful productive citizen in his society.He has become a global icon for the others who are suffering from various genetic and chronic diseases. He has proved that people suffering from such diseases can also have equal ambition to fulfil and live their life respectfully in society.

Cornelia Bataus - Romania
Central Model School Khanewal – Pakistan

Central Model School is located in Khanewal, Pakistan. This school has earned a global recognition under the guidance of school head Muhammad Nadeem Akhter. He has helped his school to won International School Award and funding in 2015 from British Council under connecting classroom programme globally. He is working for global education with the schools of other countries internationally. His project work with “Face to Faith Foundation” earned him global recognition while working with Egypt, Kenya, India, Iraq, Romania UK and USA. He is also using social media in education. He has made a Facebook page which has 16,000 teacher’s group who is working for global students in collaboration with each other. His most of the work is with schools of UK. He has also enabled his teachers to get management training from UK and in spoken English at various time period for efficient working system in school.