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   MUGU International Foundation (MIF) is  awarding people and organizations/institutions/NGO/companies with most prestigious Global Awards every year. It is an initiative to honor and appreciate outstanding and tremendous personalities and their organizational outstanding work. People who have dedicated their life in the services to society and nation across the world.  are being honored with these awards. We are not only encouraging individuals of any age but also those who are serving in various sectors of the society. Initially, these awards were awarded in the field of education but on the thousands of calls across the globe, now these awards has been extended to every sphere of the society.

Our Objectives :

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us.

  •  We encourage and motivate the children/students in the field of education, sports, arts, literature and cultural activities for their all round performance/development in National building.

  • To honor people and organizations for outstanding contribution to the world.
  •  To inculcate the feelings and develop the attitude towards National unity and integrity, Social welfare, and scientific approach.

  •  Awareness about the social evils and their eradication measures in the society.

  •  Environment conservation and to  develop caring and sympathetical attitude towards the living world (Plants, Animals).

  •  To promote human values and work for humanity.

  •  Support to the most deprived section of the society and bring them into the main stream of national development.

  •  Awareness of different women self help groups about dowry system, female foeticide girl education, awareness related to environment and cleanliness.

  •  Spreading awareness among people related to “Digital India” movement of Govt. of India at grass-root level in villages.

  •  We are promoting plantation work at various level in society.

Global Charity Mission

Initially, this award was given in the field of education only but since 2018 these awards are open for all (innovators/thinkers/organizations/industries/companies/NGO) who have done a commendable job for the welfare of society in any field. “E-Innovation Awards” aims to fill the gap by actively reaching out to all corners of India & abroad to identify, recognize and honor their talent. Every year, MIF receives several nominations across the globe but very few & most deserving people/organizations are able to get these awards after a very stringent selection procedure.

mif charity mission

         Success Story

  • Winners sucess rate in 2019 0.6% 0.6%
  • Winners sucess rate in 2018 0.7% 0.7%
  • Winners sucess rate in 2017 0.7% 0.7%
  • Winners sucess rate in 2016 0.5% 0.5%
  • Winners sucess rate in 2015 0.9% 0.9%

  Every years several nomination is being received by the foundation for these prestigious awards. But only very few & most deserving people are able to bag these awards. The value and importance of these awards can be accessed from the winner’s success rate index of each year.

Success rate is determined by the various factors and steps of selection process. Till date the success rate of winners could not touch even the 1% mark of total nominations and this index shows how we evaluate & select the most deserving people. The reason they are the most prestigious and awaited awards every year and provide international recognition and  platform to the winners among millions. 


These awards serves to underline the importance of people and the fact that, throughout the world, their efforts deserve to be recognized and celebrated. MIF have a global community of experts and educators and MIF family is increasing each day very fast.

Historical Moment of My Life

I am very happy to receive the Global E-Innovation Award and I really feel motivated to raise my standards in my teaching practice. The recognition I received from your esteemed MUGU International Foundation reminds me that in this world where consumerism and the pursuit of easy profit prevail there are people who appreciate the humble but invaluable work of an elementary school teacher in a small country like Greece. You gave me incentive to introduce more innovative projects in my school. Your recognition has great value for me.

Thank you.


Ms Ourania Lampou

Educator, Country : GREECE