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About Awards :   

  E-Innovation Awards is a global charity mission of MUGU International Foundation (MIF), India.  These are given to persons, a group of people or an organization in recognition to their extra-ordinary achievements. Previously these awards were given under the banner of our another sister organization Bharti Global Foundation for two years but now MUGU International Foundation has taken over all the national and international affairs and is acting as parent organization.

    Today, awards and awarding organizations are mushrooming with high pace. Some people/organizations have made this noble work a source of earnings/business by demanding a huge amount of fee/registration fee on the name of awards/recognition. With the span of time people are loosing faith, trust and interest in them.

    The spirit behind these awards is to motivate. appreciate and provide a global platform to those hard working people  of our society across the world who are struggling day and night, and have dedicated their whole life for the cause of humanity. Its a matter of great proud to us to honor such heroes of the society across the globe. The real motive force behind the MIF is the faith and trust of millions of people across the globe.

     These awards are given with the vision that the recognition and honoring of most deserving people/organizations must be from the core of our heart and we must salute these heroes of our society who are going much beyond their normal curriculum & duties in an innovative and inspiring way with their full creative potential & has brought a change in the system by setting up a moral example for the others to follow on the real ground. The exemplary work of such outstanding personalities/organizations with their vision must reach every corner of the world. 


Mega Award Event - 2018 has been canceled due to security reasons and latest tension in India-Pak relationships.

The result of E-Innovation Awards - 2018 has been declared.

Global Charity Mission : 

     Initially, this award was given in the field of education only but since 2018 these awards are open for all (innovators/thinkers/organizations/industries/companies/NGO) who have done a commendable job for the welfare of society in any field. “E-Innovation Awards” aims to fill the gap by actively reaching out to all corners of India & abroad to identify, recognize and honor their talent. Every year, MIF receives several nominations across the globe but very few & most deserving people/organizations are able to get these awards after a very stringent selection procedure.

We Recognize The Most Innovative & Outstanding Personalities Around The Globe. “It’s an honor to recognize the 2018 E-Innovation Award winners and finalists, which represent the best and most forward-thinking innovators coming out of society around the world.

These awards serves to underline the importance of people and the fact that, throughout the world, their efforts deserve to be recognized and celebrated. MIF have a global community of experts and educators and MIF family is increasing each day very fast.


Be A Hero Among Rarest of Rare Winners

Success Story :
       Every years several nomination is being received by the foundation for these prestigious awards. But only very few & most deserving people are able to bag these awards. The value and importance of these awards can be accessed from the winner’s success rate index of each year.

Success rate is determined by the various factors and steps of selection process. Till date the success rate of winners could not touch even the 1% mark of total nominations and this index shows how we evaluate & select the most deserving people. The reason they are the most prestigious and awaited awards every year and provide international recognition and  platform to the winners among millions.

  • Winners sucess rate in 2018 0.7% 0.7%
  • Winners sucess rate in 2017 0.7% 0.7%
  • Winners success rate in 2016 0.5% 0.5%
  • Winners success ate in 2015 0.9% 0.9%

Winner’s Success Rate Index/year