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National Award Winners – 2019

Amal Aboumouslim - morocco
Dr Om Prakash Mishra - Odisha

He is Asst. Teacher in GHS –Jeypore ( Koraput). He has published several research articles at National & International level. His work has been highly appreciated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi on Twitter. He has received State Awards and National Award for his outstanding contributions to education. He started innovative practices towards quality education in his district 2014-15 to 2018-19. He divided his initiatives in nine different phases and initiatives. In these different Initiatives Phases, he targeted the various issues and problems in educations being faced by students and teachers. He targeted low achievers students securing less than 30% marks in exams and was able to bring these students upto80-90% marks. He prepare a math workbook, It helped in identifying resourceful teachers of the district and also helped in building confidence among the teachers that any educational problem can be answered. Motivated both teachers and students to be a part of news letter, which he designed and developed. Published science lab manual to facilitate the science teachers with locally available low cost materials to conduct classroom activities. DevelopedKinetics : A handbook for National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) aspirants. PRATIVHA is a program to identify the hard spots of the high achiever students and address them specially designed by him with the help of other stakeholders. He is now become the source of inspirations for other to follow.

Dien Nguyen Thi - Vietnam
Dr Nikisha Jariwala – GUJARAT

She is working as an Asst.Professor in Smt. Tanuben & Dr. Manubhai Trivedi College of Information Science, Surat. She designedand developedmodel to translate“Digitized Multilingual Text into Braile and Speech : An Aid for Visually Impaired People”. However, their disabilities have made them to have less access to literatures available in the form of e-content. Braille script is used by them for reading and writing. It will be beneficial for visually impaired people of our society. Research focuses on multilingual text of 3 languages: Gujarati –Regional Language. Hindi –National Language. English –International Language. She divided her model into 4 parts: 1. Plain Multilingual text to Braille 2. Mathematical Text to Braille 3. Drawing shape to Braille 4.Text to Speech. With the help of the model digitalized multilingual text and documents such as news articles, current trends, scientific facts, study literature, etc.available on the internet will be able to transliterate into Braille as well as speech. So that it can be used by the blind children and people for enhance their knowledge, remain in touch with current affairs and can be used in the education. It will help to generate Braille for Educational contents, story books,and news, etc. from Gujarati, Hindi and English text. It will encourage and inspire other citizens of our society to carry out the work and research that will be benefitted to the needed people of our society. Published more than 15 research papers.

Alena Maskaeva - Russia
Dr Deepak D. Kapgate – MAHARASHTRA

He is working as Assistant Professor Abha Gaikwad college of Engineering, Nagpur. He developed an Optimized Brain Computer Interface to assist people with neurological disorders. When his younger brother gets suffered from accidental brain haemorrhage. This incident made his brother completely dependent on family members for his daily life activities. Similarly, patients other neurological disorders like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and so on makes patient bound to wheelchair and require support for day to day activities including wearing cloths, eating food and working. In developing countries like India cost of treatment for neurological diseases are too high for middle income families. This forced him to research and develops a low-cost human intentions based system that helps patients with their daily life activities thereby improving their life quality. He developed Electroencephalogram (EEG) based brain computer interface (BCI) systems for assisting disable as well as healthy humans by mapping individual cortical activity into directive commands in professional and daily tasks like controlling external devices, mobility and so on. He has been awarded with “Best Researcher of the Year” Award in 4th International Conclave in interdisciplinary research for sustainable development 2019. He has 55 International publications. He has organized many workshops and conferences as key person and is editorial member in several journals.

Violeta Petkovska - Macedonia

He worked as paediatricians in rural area as government servant for five year then he left the job in intend to do social services. He is presently working in Parenting, Adolescent Issues, Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, Drug Abuse Prevention, Social Paediatrics, Emotional Intelligence, Neonatal Resuscitation, Nutrition, and Vaccination. His story is very interesting. Being a doctor in profession, he himself went into depression state of mind. Ultimately he overcomes the problem in some years, during this period he realized the pain for others and then he decided to dedicate his life for social services. He decided tohelp those people of society who are suffering from same problems. He participated in Hello Doctor and Radio Talk program on various health issues. Working in the field of awareness regarding adolescent health issue in school and colleges. By2019, he completed twenty workshops related to stress management and suicide prevention, drug abuse and addiction in medical colleges, engineering colleges, universities. He awaked more than 30000 students and 10000 people in 2019. He is doing these entire programs for social cause from his own expenses. He also contributed to community radioprogram–Gunjan. He trained more than 1000 health care professional on Neonatal Resuscitation. He is also helping the poor family students to pay fee for their studies by collecting donations from various agencies.

Namya Joshi - India
Prof (Dr) Sanjay Rout – ODISHA

He is Asia Head (Impact Research, Advisory & Public Policy) in Switzerland/India/Africa on Sustainability, Environment & technology, Infrastructure. He is very skilled. He has several certifications around the globe (World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, European Union, Asian Development Bank, International Federation of Red Cross Society. MHRD, NIT Rourkela, IIT Dhanbad). He is board advisory in Syn Ledger in South Asia and advisor in Hrizon Smart city –Africa. He has many research papers and also edited books. Participated in several seminar and conferences. He is member of in more than two dozen organization across the globe. He has also received Best Young Scientist Award, Eminent Bright Researcher Award, Indira Gandhi Gold Medal.

Lidija - Serbia
Mr Amit Kumar - Himachal Pradesh

 He is presently PGT in Computer Science in Jawahar NavodayaVidyalaya – Shimla. He has published two books: “Sustainable Energy Optimization in Mobile Communication Networks” and, “Wireless Mobile Broadband Technologies for the Future: and 86 research /survey papers in various National & International Journals. He is reviewer/editorial board member in nine journals. He has professional membership around the globe with nine organizations. His remarkable contributions, along with teaching are guiding several students and teachers about the various innovative practices in education. He served in Nanjing Forestry University, China as researcher. He is working with NCERT and IIT Bombay on various projects like Spoken Tutorial. Working on project: Sustainability Issue in Wireless Mobile Communication to study effect of Mobile Phone Radiation on Human Health.

For his outstanding contributions, Hon’ble President of India awarded him with National ICT Award – 2015.


Ghada Hassan - Egypt
Mr Bhagat Prasad Patel – UTTAR PRADESH

Presently is working as District Inspector of School (DIOS) of district Jalaun ,U.P. with 30 yearsof vast experience in the field of education. He has worked more than above in many new areas of education, social and in other walks of life. He got the first national awardstarted by the NUEPA National Award for innovation in educational administration in 2013-14 by MHRD, Govt. of India for increasing literacy rate of “sahariya tribes”in backword region Bundelkhand district Lalitpur from 17% in 2001 census to 28% in 2011 census.He motivated the students to conserve energy and help in enhancing the saving skills of energy. Tremendous efforts in increasing literacy for voter’s awareness and achieved 10% increasein vote percent of last U.P. assembly and parliament general election. For These efforts he has been honoured with state level special award for sveep in 25 January 2018 by Mr. Ram naik governer U.P. Kaun Banega Nanha Kalam is an innovative project where 48000 students has been benefitedby his efforts. Now his project is being implemented in 11 district of U.P. as model. He promoted the girls education in backward region in bundelkhanddistrict-jalaun, lalitpur, farrukhabad, muradabad benefiting 500girls by this scheme. He 12 students were selected in different services like railways, police, education and army.

Soheir Zaki
Mr Johnson Nag – ODISHA

He left his home, home town, friends and all, came to our small town namely Patnagarh in order to serve the needy people since last 1999 AD. He is a multi-talented eminent ‘Social and Human Right Activist. He is a good social worker, human right activist, orator, ToT (Trainer of Trainers) of various government and non-government programme, organizer, awareness creator, artist, singer, music composer, specialist in various type of Bye-Law composer, project proposal maker and specialist in documentation, legal expert, very good in report and rapport building, working as the adviser of minimum hundred organization. He rescue thousands harassed and distressed bondage labourers and industrial migrant workers from various states. When the government machinery failed, the district administration’s approach him orally to save those victims. Always stand with the atrocity and human right victims. He worked with NGO called SAHARA and formed hundreds of SHG (Self Help Group) for cause of humanity. He has been rendering voluntary service to the distressed, harassed, dropout, neglected, deprived, and socially, economically and morally suppressed and harassed peoples since last two decade. During inter communal conflict or mass violence he play the vital role to bring peace. He has composed minimum one hundred fifty bye-laws of different type of organization which help the people to work together under the banner of some concern organization/ trust/ club/ educational institution/ cultural or sports association.22nd Jan 2012 at the village of Lathor of Bolangir district (Odisha) where 42 numbers of houses of SC community were burnt by the upper classed people. He reached at that place at midnight, rescued all victims from jungle, houses of some people and sheltered them in at school. With his co-ordination remarkable step by police and administration had taken and rehabilitation work also completed to the satisfaction of the SC people. He organzed people and form a Snake Help Line group to rescue more than thousand snake per year from various premises. Mr

Johnson Nag has united the traditional medicine practitioners of the locality specially surrounding place of The Gandhamardan hill which is full of all types of herbal plants. More than hundred traditional medicine practitioners are life member in that forum.


Cornelia Bataus - Romania
Ms Asawari Shiposkar – MAHARASHTRA

She is an innovative lecturer having more than 23 years of experience in education and corporate. She has helped her students achieve good grade from marginal grade through her innovative practices. She is imparting digital skills to young innovators and is master trainer of SAP and Niti Aayog. She has trained about 3000 people in various soft skills. She created online portal for tracking student’s progress. She uploaded online courses in Marathi language on Udemy and benefited 530students of 44 countries. She published 14 books and 5 papers in National and International conferences. She acted as conveyor of screening committee for inspection of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technologies.

Abdallah Wahbi - Morocco
Ms Hiya Mongia – Delhi

She is 9th class student of Indraprastha International School, Dwarka, New Delhi. She initiated a campaign ‘ SurakshitBeti, PrashikshitBeti’ to promote the cause of safety and education of girls. He received silver medal at national level for this. Her second initiative ‘e-Shiksha: A Digital Prayas’ focuses on promoting digital literacy among the underprivileged support staff and senior citizens. She has taught small kids through computer games. On weekends and holidays, she spends time with senior citizens and helping staff in her neighbourhood to make them mobile-friendly. She organizes classes for underprivileged girls. She got appreciation by SDMC Mayor Ms. Kamaljeet Sehrawat for her community service project. She got Scholar Badge for academic excellence every year. She got Best Student Award from Delhi Government for best energy conservation initiative. She got gold medal and best debater award in state level competition. Her efforts have been appreciated by several national magazines and newspapers.


Mai Mohamed - Egypt
Mr Ishmeet Wadhwa – MADHYA PRADESH

He is 7thclass student in The Sanskaar Vallet School, Bhopal. He is very brilliant student and doing remarkable work in various fields along with his study. He has scored more than 95% marksin last two academic years. He has won several national, state and district level competitions over the years. Some of them are: He is Whiz Junior Google Winner, got 2ndrankin National Compudon Championship & Techfest (Megimix). Got 1stpositionin web designing, He is got 1strankin International Cyber Olympiad. He is a very good athlete and is district level swimmer and badminton player. Beside study and academic achievements, heis also doing social services for human cause. As social services, he is working with Arere Colony Gurdwara Committee. He prepared Digital Lessons for teaching training material for schools. Being IT Trainer club member, he provided training for juniors for Scratch, Kodu, Minecraft and Raspberry pi.

Nguyen Hoang Group - Vietnam
Md. Bazar Bhorai Development Society (NGO) - West Bengal

 Organization is working to ensure that all children should go to school. Ensuring education for everyone, cultural and social development of tribal community and others backward community and minority. All people of these communities now say “No Child Marriage” “Stop Child & Women Trafficking”. Society took project Siksha Sangi. In this project, poor students of the backward area were developed physically and mentally. Bags, books, exercise books, colour pencil umbrellas and other educational things were distributed among the students under this project. More over admission fee of poor students in school, uniform and tuition fee will be supplied on the behalf of Bhorai. Many poor students who left school for one or other reason, now again returned back to school by the efforts by this society. Project Swasta Sahai was started for the poor and needy people to help them on health related issues.

NARI SHAKTI was implemented in several villages to empower women by making them self-dependent, self-reliant and formed Self Help Group (SHG). They were also trained for handy craft to make them self-development. By project ‘Dari Rahai’ villagers were awared about the environmental issues to conserve our biodiversity. Society provided vocational training to 60 students in 2019 to impart them basic computer knowledge. Several other activities like tree plantation, sports programs, sanitation program are being undertaken by it for the development of these tribes. Society has tremendously contributes to deal with the curse of child marriages.

Nguyen Hoang Group - Vietnam
District Adminstration Mahabubnagar - Telangana

 Sri D. Ronald Rose (I.A.S) is presently (December 2019) District Collector of Mahabubnagar District of Telangana state. He is very resourceful and dynamic personality. He as set example for the others to follow that everything is possible if we are determined. He has turned his district into a model district in India. This district has become an inspiration source for all around the globe. He is implementing Swach Bharat Swach Vidyalaya (SBSV) project in the district with outstanding results on the real ground. SBSV is being implemented in Mahabunagar District since 11th September 2018 covering all the 823 Government schools. With his personal efforts out of 823 schools, 646 schools are declared as “Swach Bharat Swach Vidyalayas”. Now all these schools have all elements of cleanliness like sufficient clean toilets, dustbins, hand wash facility, water supply and personal Grooming Menstrual Hygiene Management etc. This innovative initiative under dynamic leadership of District Collector comprises 15 Mandal Education Officers, 54 Master Trainers as Cluster in charges,823 Swachata Teachers (One Swachata Teacher per school), who were specially trained in SBSV and one WASH Institutions coordinator from UNICEF guided under.

Challenges he faced before implementation of this project :

Government schools lacked clean toilets and clean surroundings. Some of the students were not coming in clean clothes. Changing mindset of teachers was also a very big challenge

Innovation at various aspects of this project at various stages:

The innovative initiative Intiki Vanda Badiki Chanda campaign (Donate Rs.100 for your school) collected money from each House Hold in the entire district.Rs.1.10 crore was collected in the campaign for SBSV. Infrastructure to ensure cleanliness in the schools like soaps, phenyl, dustbins, buckets, mugs, Life Size Mirrors, Combs are purchased through Intiki Vanda Badiki Chanda. Civil works like toilets, soak pits, kitchen shed were taken up under MGNREGS or by funding from village elders. Water supply for the schools was provided through Mission BHAGIRATHA.

Activities taken up in “SwachVidyalayas” as part of SBSV initiative:

 Every Class teacher checks whether each student is following the activities which includes Personal Grooming: Bathing, combing, Nail trimming, Tuck in shirt.

 Maintenance of Life size mirror in each school.

 Maintenance of 10 to 15 combs in each school.

 Welcome with High Five and Shake hand Practices.

 Mentoring activities to maintain relationship between the old and new students.

Impacts of the project:

As of now 646 schools are declared as SBSV out of 823 schools. Other schools are also making efforts to become Swachha Bharath Swach Vidyalaya and will soon achieve the status. About 79 % successful was achieved practically by him in the 1st phase in this innovatively designed project. The impact of SBSV initiative is on the hygiene and health of the students as they are taught about hand washing, maintaining hygiene during menstruation, using washrooms, dustbins etc. The impact can also be felt on behavioural change in the students with regard to personal grooming. Their dignity and pride increases when they see themselves neatly dressed and well groomed. This program focuses on the health and hygiene of children and adolescents, it will automatically give them a greater edge or energy to perform well. Due to the clean surrounding and clean environment, the students will not have any major health issues.

The Project “Swach Bharath Swach Vidyalaya” is making parents and teachers active stakeholders in the functioning of schools. Major focus is making the community involved in running the schools.

Mai Mohamed - Egypt
International Olympiad Foundation - Delhi

International Olympiad Foundation, is a non-profitable organization with its head office at New Delhi. It is conducting exams to promote science, mathematics, general knowledge, introductory computer education and English language skills, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, Indian and Western Music among school children. Olympiad exams are conducted at a very large scale for students from class 1 to 12. The impact of these exams is national wide and every year thousands of students appear in it. Olympiad exam has true value and it is highly appreciated by the parents. As this exam on one hand help to improve the overall performance of students and on other hand it allow parents, children’s and teachers to again rethink and revise their methods of teaching for best outcomes and holistic development of students. IOF is organizing twelve Olympiad test each year all over the India in thousands of schools. This exam is highly challenging as it improves aptitude and competitive spirit among students. Here are a few perspectives of IOF exams. : 1. Provides a big platform 2. Future talent pool 3. Build confidence in the student 4. Improvement in class results 5. Gain additional knowledge 6. Improves reasoning ability
Above all, participating in Olympiad exams and representing one’s state or country at national and international level gives the satisfaction and pleasure to the students which itself is the best reward for them.